What are Motor Vehicle Title Bonds?

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About Title Bonds

Title bonds are required to obtain a “bonded title” in situations where the vehicle’s title is lost, stolen or otherwise invalid. The bonded title allows the vehicle owner to obtain a vehicle registration.

Why are title bonds required?

A title bond ensures that compensation is available to individuals who subsequently come forward as rightful owner of the vehicle. A rightful owner that comes forward prior to the bond’s expiration may be entitled to compensation up to the full penalty amount of the bond. After the bond’s expiration, the title is considered clean and no further claims can be made.

How to get a title bond

It is easy to apply for a motor vehicle title bond in all 50 states on our website: https://ezsuretybonds.com/find-bonds/title-bonds/-/

Before purchasing a title bond on EZ Surety Bonds, consult your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Requirements, documentation and required bond amounts vary by state.

Once you have met all state DMV requirements, return to EZ Surety Bonds with the exact bond amount you need and your vehicle information, including VIN number, and complete our simple online ordering process.