How do I obtain a Florida Used Auto Dealer License?

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Not sure if you should obtain a Florida Used Auto Dealer’s License? Use the 2 rules below as guidelines.

1.  Any entity that buys, sells, offers for sale, displays for sale or deals in three or more motor vehicles within any 12-month period.

2.  Any entity that buys, sells, offers for sale, displays for sale or deals in one or more mobile home or recreational vehicles within any 12-month period.

If you fall in one of the above categories, you must meet the licensing requirements of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) to legally conduct business in Florida.

Obtaining a Florida Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License can seem like a lengthy process. Let’s go over a few steps to simplify the licensing process.

Pre-licensing requirements  

Step 1: All prospective Florida dealers must take a Florida dealer license training course from an approved dealer training school before they can apply for a license. A copy of this certificate of completion is required with the license application. For a list of approved training schools, check with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department (FLHSMV). 

Step 2: Locate your nearest compliance examiner to receive approval of your dealership location. Requirements for location, display space and office space for mobile home dealers and recreational vehicle dealers can be found in the Florida Statutes. To schedule an appointment go to the FLHSMV locations page, select your county and scroll to the Motorist Services Regional Offices section.

Step 3: Obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) from Internal Revenue System.

Step 4: Obtain a sales tax number by completing the Florida Business Tax Application  from the Florida Department of Revenue.  

Step 5: Obtain electronic fingerprinting for all officers of the dealership from a Florida Department of Law Enforcement approved service provider.

Once you have completed all of the pre-license requirements download and submit a Florida Used Car Dealer License Application along with the required documents and fees to the regional office responsible for the dealership. Be sure to apply for the correct license type. The correct license type to sell used vehicles is the Independent Dealer (VI). For information regarding other license types check out our blog on Which Florida Dealer Bond should I purchase?

Remember to submit the following items with your application:

  • certificate of completion from an approved dealer training course
  • irrevocable letter of credit  
  • copy of a lease agreement
  • proof of electronic fingerprinting from an FDLE service provider
  • receipt of payment license application fee
  • proof of Garage Liability Insurance Certificate
    •  for a minimum of $25,000 combined single-limit liability coverage including bodily injury and property damage protection
    • $10,000 personal injury protection.
  • $25,000 Florida Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Need Assistance Obtaining a Surety Bond for your Florida Used Auto Dealer License?

A surety bond is not insurance; it helps to ensure that dealers conduct business ethically and lawfully. Even if you have gone through this process before, or if it is your first time obtaining a Florida Used Auto Dealer Bond, can assist you with making this process quick, straightforward, and cost efficient. Our underwriters at EZ Surety Bonds will work hard to evaluate your credit score, industry experience, and other additional factors that can favorably impact your bond cost.  

If you seek competitive rates, additional information have further questions about Auto Dealer Bonds, or want personalized customer service with surety bond experts go to or call 833-471-3627 to get a FREE QUOTE NOW.  

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